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Schedule An Appointment FAQs

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Scheduling an appointment gives you the convenience of meeting with one of our specialists at a time that works for you. Having an appointment means you can:

  • Tell us in advance what you'd like to talk about so that we can prepare
  • Make sure there's a specialist at the financial center who can answer your questions
  • Schedule an appointment independently without having to speak directly with an associate
  • Yes, you can visit a financial center without an appointment. Appointments are a time-saving benefit available to you.

    All financial centers have associates who can help you with personal and small business financial needs. In addition, some locations have:

  • Merrill Financial Solutions Advisors with whom you can discuss topics such as saving for retirement, managing retirement income and expenses, and investment options.
    • Home Loans Specialists available to meet with you in person to discuss:
      • Buying a home
      • Refinancing a home
      • Using the equity in your home
  • Small Business Consultants who can assist you with more complex business needs.
  • Note that appointments can't be scheduled for transactions that would typically be handled by a teller, such as depositing checks, making a withdrawal or balance inquiries.

    Yes. If your specific need isn't listed, choose the topic that's most similar. Before you confirm your appointment, you can use the comments section to include more detail about what you'd like to discuss. Note that you may also schedule appointments for select services such as notary, medallion stamp and wire transfers.

    The financial center will do its best to have an associate onsite who speaks the language or accommodate your request. However, if someone is not available at that financial center, we will try to provide a translator over the phone or accommodation services to assist with your appointment.

    Appointment scheduling availability can be impacted by a variety of circumstances, and at times may be limited in some financial centers. While we work to make appointments available as often as possible, online appointment scheduling may not always be available at your preferred location. In circumstances where appointments are not available at your preferred location, phone appointments and self-service options remain available.

    Banking, Investments and Small Business customers can schedule in-person appointments up to 12 months in advance. Home Loans customers can schedule in-person appointments up to 14 days in advance. Phone appointments can be made up to 14 days in advance for all customers.

    Yes, simply select another location to see what days and times are available.

    We ask for certain information that will help us provide more personalized service during your appointment. In order to protect your privacy, the information you provide will only be used in relation to this appointment. We also collect some information required by law.

    You can schedule up to a total of 6 appointments, and up to 3 appointments in a single day.

    To edit or cancel an appointment made online, visit Schedule an Appointment. To find an existing appointment, log in or enter your email address or confirmation number. Then choose the option to either edit or cancel the appointment.

    To edit or cancel a previously scheduled appointment, enter the same email address you provided when you scheduled your appointment.

    You can find your confirmation number in the confirmation email you received after you scheduled your appointment.

    Small Business Specialists have proven expertise in evaluating small-business financial needs and matching those needs with Bank of America's world-class financial products and services. Their aim is to make it easier for small business owners to start, maintain and grow their business. They are uniquely trained and positioned to ensure that all of the capabilities and partnerships of Bank of America are readily available to help small business owners meet their goals.

    Our Client Professionals are also able to assist with some small-business needs. However, if you prefer to speak with a Small Business Specialist, you'll need to choose a location with the Small Business Specialist icon in the list of financial centers.

    As an employee of both Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, a Financial Solutions Advisor can help you create a strategy to pursue what matters most to you, including saving for large purchases, retirement, education and general investing, by incorporating solutions such as savings accounts with Bank of America or accounts holding investments such as stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds, with Merrill Lynch. 

    Yes, if you'd like to speak in person, you'll need to choose a financial center that has a Merrill Financial Solutions Advisor; look for the icon in the list of financial centers. If you're comfortable meeting by phone, you may also schedule an appointment with a centralized specialist.

    A home loans specialist can assist you with buying a home, refinancing a home, using the equity in your home for various purposes or quoting rates and fees. These specialists manage the end-to-end consumer home loans referral request, from taking an application to providing status throughout the home loan process.

    You can find home loans calculators, ways to prequalify for a mortgage or apply for a home equity product, and information about the process of getting a home loan in our Home Loans section.

    Yes, you can choose a different financial center that has a home loans specialist or you can select the Phone Appointment option on the How tab to have a home loans specialist call you.

    Yes, you can speak with a home loans specialist without making an appointment at 800.579.9365.

    You can arrive for your appointment as scheduled and check in with the Lobby Leader. In the event that you are running late, we will hold your appointment for atleast 10 minutes, depending on the number of customers waiting to speak with one of our associates.

    Two Forms of Valid Identification Required:

    Bank of America requires two forms of valid identification for your upcoming visit to our financial center. Depending on the type of service you require or change to an existing account, the bank will require a photo ID in combination with a second form of ID for your account needs. Below is a list of acceptable identification:

    Must have at least 1 photo ID:

    US Citizen Accepted IDs:

    • US Drivers License or US Driver's Permit
    • US state-issued ID
    • US Military ID Common Access Card (CAC)
    • US Armed Services ID
    • US Passport

    Foreign Citizen:

    • Non-US Passport
    • US Permanent Resident Card
    Used in combination with Photo ID:

    Major Credit or Debit Card

    • Bank of America debit card, ATM card, credit card, or charge card
    • Credit card from financial institution (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Novus/Discover)
    • Retail credit card from a nationally, well-known retail company
    • Debit/Check Card with a Visa or MasterCard logo from financial institution

    Employment or Student ID Cards

    • US college/university ID-validated with current term or school year
    • US student ID card from a local high school validated for current school year
    • US issued employment/work ID card or badge (with or without photo)

    US or Foreign Alternate IDs:

    • US Driver's License or driver's permit without photo
    • US Department of State Diplomat Driver's License with photo
    • US Department of State Diplomat ID with photo
    • Foreign driver's license with photo (such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, etc)
    • US Issued Visa with photo (issued to non-US citizens)
    • Foreign passport with photo
    • Native American Tribal ID from a local reservation
    • Mexican voter registration card with photo
    Accepted for New Account Opening Only and With Primary Photo ID:
    • Current property tax statement
    • Driver's permit (temporary or beginner's) from any state without photo
    • Physical Social Security Card which can be removed from any wallet, covers, etc.
    • US Armed Services ID without photo
    • State or local government issued conceal carry weapon license/permit

    Depending on the type of change you would like to make to your existing account, the bank will require legal documentation that provides proof of the change in order to update the status of the account. Please bring a government-issued photo ID plus any additional documentation specific to your situation to any Bank of America financial center.

    Refer to this list of frequently-made changes along with acceptable documentation to support each change.

    Name/Legal Name of Entity

    Note: If you are a co-owner or authorized user on the account, in order for us to update your name, the account owner (or other co-owners) must accompany you to the financial center.


    • Marriage certificate
    • Divorce decree (including name change)
    • Adoption certificate
    • Legal court order of name change


    • Legal documentation for the business showing that the name is changing and the effective date
    • Articles of Incorporatoin
    • Certificate of Good Standing
    • Partnership Agreement

    Date of Birth

    • Birth certificate
    • Driver's license
    • Passport

    Identification Number

    • Social Security card
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN) documentation

    Evidence of Legal Status (business)

    • Business: Official documentation that the business entity exists, such as corporate formation documents or articles of incorporation, partnership agreements or trust documents

    Expiration Date of ID
    Newer or updated information, such as:

    • Driver's license
    • Passport
    • Business license
    • Certificate of good standing
    • Partnership agreements
    • Trust documents
    • Articles of Incorporation

    Country of Citizenship

    • Birth certificate
    • U.S. Citizenship Declaration
    • Passport

    Place of Legal Formation

    • Official documentation that the business entity exists, such as corporate formation documents or articles of incorporation, partnership agreements or trust documents

    Legal Entity Type

    • Evidence of legal status (for example, partnerships should present partnership agreements, trusts should provide trust documents, and corporations should present corporate formation documents or articles of incorporation)

    Depending on the type of business you are representing, you will be required to present some or all of the documents that are applicable.

    Sole Proprietor

    • Fictitious Name Certificate or Trade Name (or equivalent document) OR
    • Business License (if required)

    Limited Liability Corporation

    • Articles of Organization or Certificate of Organization
    • Fictitious Name Certificate or Trade Name (or equivalent document)
    • Certificate of Registration from State of CA if LLC formed outside of CA


    • Articles of Association (in states where required) or bylaws
    • IRS Ruling letter of tax exemption (for nonprofits)


    • Partnership Agreement
    • Fictitious Name Certificate or Trade Name (or equivalent document)

    Limited Partnership

    • Partnership Agreement or Certificate of Limited Partnership (or equivalent document)
    • Fictitious Name Certificate or Trade Name (or equivalent document)

    Limited Liability Partnership

    • Partnership Agreement or Statement of Qualification of Limited Liability Election Form or Certificate of LLP (or equivalent document)
    • Fictitious Name Certificate or Trade Name (or equivalent document)

    Foreign Companies

    • A U.S. state issued Foreign Corporation Application or Foreign Corporation Qualification or equivalent document showing the business has U.S. permission to act within the U.S.
    • U.S. organizing documentation proving formation in the U.S. and proof of a U.S. presence.

    A phone appointment offers the same level of expertise as an in-person appointment. You just let us know what you want to talk about, and we'll call you at your convenience.

    You will be called by an associate who specializes in the topic that you want to discuss.

    Your request for a phone appointment is specific to the inquiry you are making. The bank does not use your appointment request as a broad authorization to receive marketing calls.